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Grace had a really lovely birthday thankyou for all her birthday wishes I showed her them before school this morning, she was very impressed and I think she feels pretty popular now hahah.

But yeah like I said, anyone else in my position would do the same as me, for the people who say I’m begging - I’m not, it doesn’t cost anyone a thing to click and people have told me to put a donate button on my blog and directly offered me money and I have always said no, I would rather you all spent the money on yourself or give it to a children’s charity.

I think all my followers know mostly about me, grace, things that have gone on, my journey to this point now so I won’t bore you with an explanation, if you’re confused there is an about me tab on my blog :)

Anyway, I hope you are having a great day/night and you go to bed with a smile, remember I love you, you can message me any questions you have and I try my hardest to get back to you xxx

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